Why I-V500w? 1500V.

  • 1500V: Suitable also for new PV plants with 1500VDC string voltage.

  • Compact, lightweight and On-board screen: I-V500w needs only one person thanks to the on-board screen and returns immediate test results with OK or NOT OK outcome.

  • Multi-String AutoStart: Just few seconds to measure, save data and move to next string

  • Wi-Fi Connection: Connect your smartphone or tablet to download and analyze in details your measures with exclusive features like Troubleshooting Assistant, Jump function and others available only on the APP HTANALYSIS™.


HTAnalysis™ APP

  •  Module DatabaseManage the modules in your instrument trough you mobile device. Add new, Delete or check what is inside your I-V Curve Tracer.
  • Troubleshooting AssistantThe only App that helps you with online FAQ.Depending on the outline of the I-V Curve you have measured, the app will suggest you the possible causes of the problem that you have faced.
  • Expected degradation. Jump Function™: Enter the installation date of the PV system and the app will tell you the truth about the real performance drop.

  • HT Cloud™Download the FREE App HTANALYSIS™ to use HTCloud™ database and share measures with your colleagues anytime and from any place on the planet. Upload your measures onto HTCloud™ to find them on your PC software TOPVIEW real-time. 

Measurement Results


​The acquired I-V data or the operating conditions (OPC) is the true data acquired during I-V curve test. Taking the panel characteristics, the environmental measures (Irradiance & Temp) the instrument transforms these data points (OPC) to create the equivalent STC (Standard Test Condition) curve to evaluate if the panel or string is operating to specification.

The remote unit Solar02 is not included.


Report creation with TopView™ Software

Measuring Solar Field is often only the beginning of your project. Customers want to see proof their fields are working as promised. HT’s Copyrighted Software, TopView makes the business of report generation a breeze. Easy download, customized naming of data fields, File storing, analyzing capabilities and display options to your preference. You can compare Strings, Combiner boxes even Farms year over year to make describing the state of the field intuitive and obvious. In addition, TopView incorporates standard templates for professional-looking reports customizable with your logo and company information.

Multi-String AutoStart

​Dramatically decrease your PV String testing time with the NEW KITKELVIN. KITKELVIN provides an Auto Start function to HT Curve Tracers to reduce testing time up to 75%! KITKELVIN provides 2 leads for a single operator to move from string to string in a combiner box for fast testing. The Auto Start is Start, Acquire, Manual Store, Rearm. The Start command is automatically initiated when the operator connects the probes across a string or panel, with Voc triggering the next acquisition sequence.